Those new dings and dents on your aging parent’s car may leave you wondering if your parent should still be driving. The damage may be a sign that driving safely is becoming an issue due to vision problems, delayed reaction time, or confusion. Other warning signs include traffic violations, parking tickets, accidents, getting lost, losing keys, or running out of gas. Feeling suspicious, you may have gauged your aging parent’s competency behind the wheel by spending time in the passenger seat while your parent drove. Before your parent’s driving gets seriously erratic, it’s important to have a serious talk about hanging up the keys. Before you broach the subject, it’s best to have good alternatives in mind, such as the senior care errand assistance offered by Careology Home Healthcare.

Your aging parents will likely feel reluctant to give up the independence that driving offers. However, the good news is Careology’s elderly transportation assistance means they can still run errands, go to doctor’s appointments and visit with friends and family—all without getting behind the wheel. If your parent would prefer reading a book or gardening versus running errands, that’s possible, too, through Careology’s senior care errand assistance.

Whether it’s temporary, just until they recover from an injury or illness, or on a regular basis, our top-rated caregivers can help.

Errands can include picking up a prescription or groceries, transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, or delivering mail to the post office, we have you covered.

      • Home Care Transportation
      • Travel Companion
      • Grocery Shopping Assistance and Delivery

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