When around-the-clock care is needed for optimal wellness and comfort, the Careology team of Care Managers and caregivers understand the complexities of aging and the specialized care that is required for 24-hour care. We have experience in a broad range of elder care services.

24-hour home care avoids the emotional strain that can come from moving to a facility, away from the familiarity and comfort of one’s own home. Most people do prefer to age in place, rather than lose their independence, sense of control, and overall quality of life. Any additional stress in later life can also lead to faster physical decline, and few things are as stressful as moving and having to dispose of possessions, pets and familiar routines. Of course, it is important to be safe, and 24-hour care can provide safety and optimal well-being as people becomes less able to care for themselves.

Full Range of 24-Hour Care Services

The priorities of our trained caregivers are to:

    • Maintain a comfortable, clean and safe home environment
    • Assist with daily activities to prevent falls or other injuries
    • Provide companionship, friendly conversation, and mental activities
    • Encourage and assist with physical activities
    • Prepare healthy meals and monitor medication regimens
    • Provide transportation and escort to appointments or outings
    • Become a friend and trusted companion

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